Turfkade Apartment A


Turfkade Apartment A

€ 119a night

Room Details

 Fully equiped kitchen  2 bedrooms  75 square meters
 Walk in shower  Separate toilet  Queen size bed
 1 single bed  Washer and Dryer  Flat screen Television
 International channels  WIFI  Price p.p. 4 nights


The modern style Turfkade-apartment A is part of the ambitous Turfkade accommodations project to provide hotel quality accommodations in Brielle. Together with apartments B, C and D Turfkade-apartment A rises the standards of hotel rooms in Brielle or Maasvlakte Rotterdam. Conveniently located at the city centre of Brielle next to the canals, the apartment offers you a combination of urban city, nature and tranquility. The apartment offers you 2 private rooms, fully equipped open layout kitchen, separate shower and toilet and a magnificent view over the canals of Brielle. In addition the accommodation features modern style interiors and is finished with white walls and light oak laminate flooring. The bathroom and toilet are accented by white counters parts and grey colored tile floor. The location and comfort makes the Turfkade-apartment A the best alternative for a hotel in Brielle or Maasvlakte Rotterdam.

The Turfkade-apartment A offers you all you need for a pleasant stay. The accommodation includes: a spacious open layout living room and fully equipped kitchen, modern seats, flat screen television with International channels, dining table, badroom, laundry facilities and master bedroom with queen size bed. This allows you to cook your own meals, do your own laundry and receive family and friends. That is why renting the Turfkade-apartment A is more wholesome than staying at a regular hotel in Brielle or Maasvlakte Rotterdam.

Booking the Turfkade-apartment A does not only compare well to the quality and price of a hotel in Brielle or Maasvlakte Rotterdam, it offers you so much more. The open layout apartment is roomier than a hotel room, centrally located at just 10 minutes away driving from Maasvlakte Rotterdam from end to end. This allows you to travel back from work with ease. Whether it is for a week or a month, with the Turfkade-apartment A you will have all you need for a pleasant stay in Brielle.

Other Rooms

Koopman A
€ 119a night

Modern style city apartmentThis apartment is conveniently located at centre of Brielle within the same complex as koopman apartments B and C.

  • Equipped Kitchen
  • City apartment
  • Flat TV
  • WIFI
  • 2 persons
  • 70 square meters
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Zuidspui Apartment
€ 119a night

Modern furnished apartment with canal viewThe Zuidspui apartment is a spacious apartment located at the Port of Rotterdam.

  • Canal view
  • Equipped kitchen
  • City Centre
  • Wi-Fi
  • Flat TV
  • Walk in shower
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Turfkade Apartment D
119a night

Luxury apartment with canal viewThe Turfkade apartment D is part of the Turfkade accommodations.

  • Groups
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 85 square meters
  • Jacuzzi
  • Flat TV
  • WIFI
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